2015-2015 OLP Religious Education Registration



Religious Education Registration

2015 - 2016



Family Status – Please check one:                               _____returning to program                                      _____new to program

 If new to program, please attach a copy of child(s) Baptismal Certificate and a letter from your previous parish stating grades attended in their program.


Please Print


Family LAST Name (If child’s is different, please give that one first):_____________________________________________________________




Phone No:____________________Cell No____________________Contact & Phone No:__________________________________________________



FATHER’S INFORMATION                                                                                               


Father’s Name:________________________________________________                   


Address (if different from above)_________________________________                      






First & Maiden Name:__________________________________________


Address (if different from above)__________________________________





 Please list names of children attending program and complete the following:




Last Name



First Name



Of Birth


Religious Ed Grade


Sacraments Received


Baptism     Penance     Eucharist


List Special Education

Service Needs/Allergies











































There are many things you can do to help in your child’s Religious Education experience.  Here are some ideas.  Please circle the areas in which you would like to assist.


 Teacher                        Substitute Teacher                   Assistant in classroom (occasionally)                          Hall Monitor


 I can help in the following ways_____________________________________________________________________________




$35.00 per student (Grades Pre-K – 8)                                                     

$75.00 per family (3 or more - Grades Pre-K-8 ONLY)                            

$40.00 per student (Grades 9 & 10)                                                          

$30.00 per student - Confirmation                                                          

*Replacement fee will be charged for lost textbooks. 


CLASS TIMES:  Check preferred time. Office reserves the right to final schedule due to class sizes.

PRE-K        During 10:00am Mass_____

GR. K-8      8:55am_____     11:05am_____

GR. 9          8:55am_____     11:05am_____

GR. 10        8:55am_____     11:05am_____

GR. 11       Confirmation: 7 weeks in Fall_____



I have read the enclosed contract and agree to its terms._____________________________________________________________________

                                                                                                                                      Parent/Guardian Signature



Our Lady of Peace Religious Education Office

10950 Main Street

Clarence, NY 14031

(Checks payable to:  Our Lady of Peace Religious Education)

Total Enclosed:  $__________


Office Use Only

Registration Amount $__________                             Cash $__________                 Date__________________                     


Number of Children____________                            Waiver__________                 Check Number__________    


Registration forms are given to the children at the last class.  If new to the parish/program, they will be mailed. Because of the growth of our parish, class sessions (8:55am & 11:05am) will be filled according to the return and payment of the forms. Forms may be mailed, dropped into the collection basket at church with Religious Education written on them or brought directly to the rectory. All registration forms must be signed by a parent/guardian stating they have read the parents Covenant Agreement, otherwise your child/ren will not be registered into our program.

If you are unable to pay due to special family circumstances, please call the office for a tuition waiver request form. All information will be kept in strictest confidence. NO CHILD WILL BE DENIED A RELIGIOUS EDUCATION BECAUSE OF INABILITY TO PAY.