2015-2016 Parents' Letter, Covenant Agreement, Electronics Devices Agreement


Dear Parents,

Enclosed please find a registration form for the ‘15 – ‘16 Religious Education program.  This registration form includes the parish pre-school program and the high school program for both Catholic and Public high school students.   A copy of the Parents Covenant Agreement is on the back of this letter.  Please read.

The cost per child is $35.00 (Grades Pre-K-8), $30.00 per student for Confirmation, $40.00 per student for Grades 9& 10 or $75.00 for families of three or more (Grades Pre-K-8 ONLY).  A parishioner is one who:  (1) Attends mass each week.  In order to participate in the parish Religious Education programs, all families are expected to attend Mass regularly.  (2)  Shares their time/talents with the parish community.  (3)  Supports the parish through their offertory contributions.  (4)  Has officially registered in the parish office.

Please complete and return the registration form with your FULL payment (checks payable to Our Lady of Peace Religious Ed.).  Completed forms may be mailed to the above address, OR dropped in the Saturday or Sunday collection (marked Religious Ed.) OR brought to the Religious Ed. Office at the Rectory, Monday or Friday, 9:00am – 12:00pm.  DEADLINE FOR REGISTRATION IS JUNE 30, 2015.  Calendars for the school year will be mailed at the end of August.


Because of the growth of our parish, your child/ren will not be automatically registered for the same time session they have had in the past.  Paid registrations will receive first choice of time, 8:55am or 11:05am, until each session is full.  If you are unable to pay due to a special family circumstance, please call the Religious Education Office for a tuition waiver request form.  All information will be kept in strictest confidence.  No child will be denied a religious education because of inability to pay.



Anne Marie Ratzel

Coordinator of Religious Education 






1. We will attend Mass with our child/ren each week.


2. We will work with our child/ren at home on a weekly basis to complete their

assignments.  As responsible parents, we will make sure that our children come to class prepared and with their books.


3. We will make sure our child/ren are in attendance each week.  If our child/ren

are absent due to illness or a family emergency, we will notify the office

(759-8554) and be responsible to complete any missed work.


4. Any child/ren who are unable to attend their regularly scheduled session may

ask that arrangements be made for them to attend another session.  We will

notify the office in advance to request a change.


5. We will show support for the volunteer teachers.


6. We are aware that there are parent meetings throughout the year that we are asked

to attend.  These dates will be listed on the calendar.


7. We are aware that classes begin:

Grades Pre-K – 8 – September 20

Grades 9 & 10 – September 20 – 2-12 Week  Semesters

Confirmation – Grade 11 – 7 weeks in the fall

                  (Date to be announced)


8. We are aware that class times are 8:55am – 9:55am and 11:05am – 12:05pm for

Grades K- 10, Pre-K during 10:00am Mass. We understand that our child/ren need to be to class at least five minutes before class starts.


 We understand that if our child/ren is in Grades 9 & 10, he or she must complete Parish Service for Confirmation. Grade 9 must complete 6 hours for the year. Grade 10 must complete 4 hours for the year; a total of 10 hours for both years.





Grades 6 - 11



We, the undersigned, agree that under no circumstances are electronic devices to


be used during Religious Education classes.  We also agree that if caught using


 said devices, they will be taken away and the parents will be required to come to


the rectory during regular business hours to retrieve their phone, i-pod, etc.



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