Upon this Rock Update


Our Lady of Peace Parish was the recipient of $24,644.14 on July 31, 2021 from the Foundation of the Diocese of Buffalo as the bi-annual disbursement of the Upon This Rock pledge funds. This brings the total amount received to date as $375.021.44. THANK YOU ….. ever so much for your generosity to this most worthy cause.

I would like to remind you that these funds are secure and can only be used for the purposes that they are designated to be used for. No monies from this account can be used to settle lawsuits. Upon This Rock Funds have been used in our Parish as follows:

--Installation of security measures / cameras in our church, the narthex, the rectory and the church grounds.

--Upgrade of office technology equipment in the Rectory office.

--Upgrading of video equipment, cameras, and computer accessories to improve church live-streaming


--Cash and investments held in reserve for facility maintenance as well as future projects to the slate roof and potential insulation of the church, as well as repairs to sidewalks and other stone work.

These updates and repairs would not have been possible without your faithfulness and generosity. Thank you for keeping our Parish campus beautiful, energy efficient and in good repair.

You are a blessing….may God bless you always!!

Fr Walt