Youth Ministry

For the month of November:

Most of may have heard of the program Life Teen. It’s a program for youth ministry. Similar to life teen is an online resource I found called Youth Ministry Access. Youth Ministry Access is an online resource that is print friendly. Each month they come out with a calendar that shows each day and what day it is. Here is what is on the calendar for November:


November is national Native American Heritage Month

Feast of All Saints [justice and service saints]

⬥ Día de los Muertos

2 Feast of All Souls

3 St. Martin de Porres, patron of social action, race relations

National Sandwich Day

4 St. Charles Borromeo 

  ⬥ National Candy Day

5Men Make Dinner Day

6 ⬥ Daylight Saving Time ends (turn clocks back one hour) (first Sunday in November)

⬥ National Vocation Awareness Week

8 ⬥ Election Day

9 ⬥ Dedication of St. John Lateran Basilica in Rome 

10 ⬥ St. Leo the Great, doctor of the Church

11 ⬥ Veterans Day [Catholic approaches to war and peace]

⬥ St. Martin of Tours

⬥ Remembrance Day (Canada)

12 ⬥ St. Josaphat

13 ⬥ St. Frances Xavier Cabrini

⬥ World Kindness Day

14 ⬥ St. Gertrude the Great

⬥ National Pickle Day

15 ⬥ St. Albert the Great, doctor of the Church

16 ⬥ St. Margaret of Scotland

⬥ Mexico Revolution Day

17 ⬥ St. Elizabeth of Hungary

18 ⬥ Dedication of the Basilicas of St. Peter and St. Paul in Rome

19 ⬥ St. Agnes of Assisi

20 ⬥ Christ the King (last Sunday in Ordinary Time)

⬥ St. Rose Philippine Duchesne

⬥ Universal Children’s Day

[See “A Church Going Forth”]

21 ⬥ Presentation of the Virgin Mary

22 ⬥ St. Cecilia

22-29 ⬥ National Bible Week (the week of Thanksgiving)

⬥ Blessed Miguel Agustin Pro 

24 ⬥ Thanksgiving Day (U.S.)

⬥ St. Andrew Dung-Lac and His Companions 

25 ⬥ International Day for Elimination of Violence Against Women

[See “A Church Going Forth”]

⬥ St. Catherine of Alexandria, martyr   

26 ⬥ St. Columban

28 St. James of the Marche, patron of pawnbrokers 

29 Anniversary of Dorothy Day’s death (founder of Catholic Worker movement)

⬥ St. Clement I

30 ⬥ First Sunday of Advent

⬥ St. Andrew





David Chriswell

OLP Youth and Young Adult Coordinator






About your Youth/Young Adult Coordinator 

For those of you who have seen the bulletin a few weeks ago you may know that Our Lady of Peace has a Youth/Young Adult Coordinator. My Name is David Chriswell. I grew up in Cheektowaga NY where I currently reside. I am the youngest child and the son of Deacon Tim and Mary Chriswell. I also have an older sibling Sara. And of course we have our family Goldendoodle (you have all heard about) Nigel. From Kindergarten to eighth grade, Sara and I both attended Our Lady of the Blessed Sacrement School in Depew NY. After graduating we both went on to attend four years at Maryvale High School. Currently I attend the Niagara Falls Culinary Institute where I study Culinary Arts along with Wine & Beverage Managment.

Sara and I were both baptized at St. Gregory the Great Parish in Williamsville New York. From there my parents were looking for a Catholic School to put us in and found Our Lady of the Blessed Sacrement. We joined the parish and went to the school. My fathers first assignment as a Deacon was there. After a few years my Dad wanted to help serve another parish that did not have a deacon. After attending Scout Sunday at Our Lady of Peace, Dad came home and asked Mom and the rest of us what we thought of the parish and if we liked it. Mom loved it. She immediately noticed how friendly and welcoming everybody was. He asked Sara and I what we liked and without thinking I said "Donuts every Sunday!!!" After Dad moved to OLP with Mom, Sara and I chose to stay at St. Martha Parish (former OLBS) because that was where we grew up and felt most at home. But after the first summer of Dad being at OLP Sara and I found ourselves always going to OLP for mass. Sara made the point that we might as well join if we are always going to mass at the parish. And that was the best choice I have made.

Since joining the Our Lady of Peace Parish Family I feel like I am at home. I feel like we are all one big family that all share a great love for our faith. I wasn't to active as a parishioner over at my last parish. Since moving here I became a Eucharistic Minister, I joined the Youth/Young Adult Contemporary music group at the 10 am mass, and now I am the Youth/Young Adult Coordinator.

I always wanted to take an active roll in my parish community, no matter where I am. Wherever I go in our Diocese wether I am at Christ the King Seminary, St. Joseph's Cathedral, or downtown at the offices of the Dioceses, I am proud to tell everybody and anybody that I am from Our Lady of Peace.

I want to thank everybody in the parish for their very gracious welcome to the parish and allowing me to be the coordinator to your Youth/Young Adult. I am looking forward to the future of Youth/Young Adult Ministry. I can't wait to get to know more parishioners and work with you in different aspects in the parish. Please pray for Youth/Young Adult Ministry and we will pray for you. 




David Chriswell                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

OLP Youth/Young Adult Coordinator