Parish Council

The mission of the Parish Council at Our Lady of Peace Church is to assist and advise Father Walt in the difficult task of running the administrative functions of the church, facility and grounds.


Each spring Parish Council seeks to fill open seats for members who have completed their election term and are not returning.  For 2020 – 2021 there were two available positions.  Elected members may elect to stay for a second 3 year term.  This year Karen Abt stepped up and requested to stay another term.

The remaining seat has been filled by Jeremy Korte who volunteered to stand for election.  (See parish bulletin May 10 for Jeremy’s bio.) In any year where we only receive enough candidates for open slots, these individuals are usually accepted for the position.  Our normal election process was stymied this year by the closing of churches and church activities due to the Covid 19 Pandemic.

We are delighted to accept Karen Abt and Jeremy Korte to fill the open positions on Parish Council.  Their election will be finalized whenever we are able to meet again.

The PC meetings for April 1st and May 6th were cancelled.  It seems unlikely that we will be able to hold the June 3 meeting much to everyone’s disappointment.  The final meeting of the year is a fun evening where we welcome new members and have a potluck barbecue with the pastor.  The next meeting is tentatively scheduled for Wednesday September 9, 2020.

If you are interested in joining Parish Council, please talk to any PC member or ministry head.  There will be 4 positions available in April 2021.  PC schedule for 2020-2021 is 9 meetings (September to June, no meeting in December).  The meetings have been on Wednesday evenings beginning at 6:30, generally about 1 hour. 

Thank you M.L. Verdi-Korte for your service to Parish Council.  ML has been responsible for the parish St. Joseph’s Table for the past few years.  We were sorry to see this special event cancelled in 2020 and look forward hopefully to its return in Spring 2021.


Permanent Members

Fr. Walt Szczesny, Pastor

Deacon Art Sullivan (Non Voting)

Tom Friedman, Trustee

Lew Wargo Sr., Trustee

Elected Representatives

* Denotes final term

Karen Abt (2020-23)*, PC Secretary

Mark Baron (2018-21)

Kathleen Cole (2019-22)

Jeremy Korte (2020-23)

Gary Mong (2019-22)

Bonnie Morgante (2018-21) PC Vice President

Tom Nikiel (2019-22)*

Frank Rivett, Sr. (2018-21)

Christine Schuster (2019-22)*, PC President

Stephanie Stevens (2018-21)

Judy Walkowiak (2019-22)

Ministry Representatives

(non Voting)

Karen Abt, Youth Ministry

Kathleen Cole, Vicariate

Tim Creenan, Ministry Volunteers

Catherine Karda, Altar & Rosary Society

Tom Nikiel Knights of Columbus

Anne Marie Ratzel, Religious Ed. Coordinator

Bill Schuster, Holy Name Society