Parish Council



At the May 5th meeting Parish Council accepted two new members.

Kevin Dolan and Mike Coon each volunteered to come on board.  They will serve

a three year term beginning in September 2021.


Departing Parish Council members are Frank Rivett, Sr (2018-2021) and Tom Nikiel

(2016 – 2021).  We sincerely thank Tom and Frank for their service to Parish Council.

Their input has been valuable and they will be missed.


Mark Baron, Bonnie Morgante and Stephanie Stevens all complete their first term

of service in June 2021 but have agreed to stay on for a second term. 


Parish Council acts as an advisory board to assist Father with the difficult task of running

the administrative function of the parish and the facility.  Every Spring parish council members

complete their terms and new positions become available. We anticipate that there will be

2 positions open in Spring 2022, possibly 4.  If you are interested in volunteering to participate

on Parish Council you can let us know at any time.  Ask at the rectory office or ask any parish

council member.  We would be happy to answer any questions you may have.

Permanent Members

Fr. Walt Szczesny, Pastor

Deacon Art Sullivan 

Tom Friedman, Trustee

Lew Wargo Sr., Trustee

Elected Representatives

* Denotes final term

Karen Abt (2020-23)*, PC Secretary

Mark Baron (2018-21)

Kathleen Cole (2019-22)

Mike Coon (2021 - 2024)

Kevin Dolan  (2021 - 2024)

Jeremy Korte (2020-23)

Gary Mong (2019-22)

Bonnie Morgante (2018-21) PC Vice President

Tom Nikiel (2019-22)*

Frank Rivett, Sr. (2018-21)

Christine Schuster (2019-22)*, PC President

Stephanie Stevens (2018-21)

Judy Walkowiak (2019-22)

Ministry Representatives

(non Voting)

Karen Abt, Youth Ministry

Kathleen Cole, Vicariate

Tim Creenan, Ministry Volunteers

Catherine Karda, Altar & Rosary Society

Tom Nikiel, Knights of Columbus

Anne Marie Ratzel, Religious Ed. Coordinator

Bill Schuster, Holy Name Society

Road to Renewal Representatives

Kathleen Cole

Bruce Kloc